The River Spey is at the heart of Aberlour’s past, present and future. The village was founded at the mouth of the Lour burn, where it joins the Spey. The salmon attract fishers from around the world, the wildlife and landscape delight photographers and walkers, and the water is essential for the whisky distilleries.

Salmon fishing can be arranged by visiting www.fishspey.co.uk and also on the village’s Association Water, with day tickets purchased from JAJ Munro on Aberlour High Street. The waters provide excellent sport for the novice and seasoned angler alike and lessons for all standards of anglers can be arranged. You can try the the Munro Killer, or use one of your own flies to try and outwit the wily Spey salmon. Spey casting is hypnotic to watch, and you are welcome to sit on the bank or watch from the Victoria Bridge.

Speycasting on the Aberlour beat

Speycasting on the Aberlour beat

Spey Fishery Board reports

Aberlour angling club now on facebook  https://www.facebook.com/aberlourangling?ref=profile

It was decided at the AGM that the club would follow the Spey Board recomendations to return all fish up to the end of May .

Salmon Fishing Forum:  http://salmo.proboards.com/board/59/spey

Game Fishing guide & casting Instructor AAPGAI . http://www.kingfisherfieldandstream.co.uk/

River Spey webcam Victoria bridge

Monthly Fishing Reports from the Aberlour Angling Club

Fishing Report Feb 2017

Fishing Report March 2017

Fishing Report April 2017

Fishing Report May 2016

Fishing report June 2017

Fishing report July 2017

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Catch chart 2009/2015

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