Pipes and Drums marching through Aberlour

The Aberlour Strathspey Highland Games is on Saturday 4th August 2018.

The venue is the scenic Alice Littler Park by the river Spey in Aberlour, where the former railway platform and the surrounding park slopes form a natural amphitheatre to view the events from.

Designated parking areas are signposted as you come into the village.


IMG_1889 copyThe Highland Dancing programme starts at 11am for the younger competitors and novices, and at 1pm for the more advanced / older dancers. The combination of intricate dancing, beautiful costumes and live music from a piper makes it a very special experience, well worth taking the time to watch and enjoy.

There is an explanation of each of the dances and their history in the games programme, available on the day. There are eight dancing trophies awarded at the Games, and medals award up to sixth place in each event.

Heavy Events

Competitors aged 16 and over take part in the following events for cash prizes:

  • Light Hammer
  • Heavy Hammer
  • 14lb Shot
  • 28lb Shot
  • 28lb Weight for distance
  • 56lb Weight for distance
  • 56lb Weight for height
  • Caber Tossing

Light Events

These events are open to Male and Female competitors aged 15 and over for cash prizes:

  • 100 yards
  • 220 yards
  • 440 yards
  • 880 yards
  • One Mile
  • Long Jump
  • High Jump

Pipe Bands

A number of pipe bands including many from the local area play throughout the afternoon. The skill of the drummers, the craftsmanship of the handmade kilts and the sound of the pipes are all impressive. The parade of the massed bands at the end of the afternoon is an amazing sight and sound. Filling the High Street, then somehow manage to fit down the lane towards the Mash Tun and on to the park. It is definitely a moment to have your camera in your hand.


There are many stalls at the Games, both commercial and for local good causes. It is a chance to see the work of local producers, try your luck on the bottle stalls, tombolas, etc and sample local food and drink.


The visit of the ‘Showies’  (fairground rides). to Aberlour,  takes place in the few days prior to the Games and is very much enjoyed by locals and visitors. There are rides for younger children and the braver older visitors, music, refreshments and all the atmosphere that comes when the ‘Fair’ comes to town!

The Origin of Highland Games

IMG_1826 copyHighland Games can best be defined as a social gathering organised around sporting and musical competitions.  According to tradition, Scottish Highland Games had their beginning when the kings and clan chiefs of Scotland sought a reasonable and agreeable method of choosing the best men at arms.  Crude forms of the athletic events you see today were developed to test the contestants for strength, stamina, accuracy and agility.

They used the elements and materials of their day-to-day life and so the caber toss, archery, hammer throwing, wrestling and foot races up steep hills were adopted.  Even Highland dancing was used to tax the endurance and strength of competitors.  It is interesting to note, for example, that the Scottish regiments used to require Highland dancing as a form of training to develop stamina and agility.

The present day popularity of the Highland Games is largely credited to Queen Victoria who developed a love for Scotland, its people and all things Scottish early in her life.  She, with her entire Royal family, regularly attended the Highland Games at Braemar – a favourite with our current royal family.

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